The Under Sheriff and The High Sheriff’s Chaplain

On 1 April 2023 Thomas Bagley was appointed as the Under Sheriff of Herefordshire taking over the office from Gabbs’ Director, Jeremy Wilding.

Thomas lives in North Herefordshire with his young family. Outside of the office he is learning to play the ukulele and, when the opportunity arises, he likes to head to the Welsh hills on his motorbike.

The Under Sheriff is appointed or re-appointed at each declaration of the new High Sheriff, and the incumbent is very often in post for several years.  As the High Sheriff changes each year, the Undersheriff provides continuity and consistency to the Shrievalty.  The Undersheriff is generally a local solicitor and the role is undertaken on a voluntary basis.

In Summary, the role of the Undersheriff to:

  • Be a guide and mentor to the High Sheriff before, during and (on occasions) after the High Sheriffs year of office.
  • Act as Secretary to the Nomination Panel including keeping the records, arranging and attending the meetings, taking the Minutes and distributing copies thereof to the panel members.
  • Liaise with the Privy Council and ensuring submission of the nomination form at the appropriate time.
  • Assist with the organising of key events, such as the declaration and Shrieval Service.
  • Be a means of liaison between the Shrievalty and the other organisations involved in the field of Law and Order e.g. the Judiciary, Her Majesty’s Courts Service, the Police, the Civic Authorities, the Military etc.

The Chaplain to the High Sheriff is appointed during the declaration service, and who can be from any denomination or faith appropriate to the High Sheriff.

The Key Objectives:

  • To support the Lord-Lieutenant on royal visits and on other occasions as appropriate
  • To take an active part in supporting and promoting the voluntary sector and giving all possible encouragement to the voluntary organisations within a County.